Packing Materials

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All of our boxes and packaging are designed to ensure that your items can be packed and stored safely – we even have wardrobe cartons so that you can hang your clothes directly in the box.

Our wide range of professional packing boxes and wrapping materials are available to our storage customers. We also have the following;

  • T-Chest
  • Book
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Paper
  • Mattress Covers
  • Couch Covers

Moving tips & advice

We are looking to help keep our bill down these days and moving day is no exception, here are some simple things that can make your day easier and CHEAPER for you.

Pot Plants.

Pot plants… don’t water them and take the saucer away, if they are wet, and sharing the truck with your furniture items, it won’t end in dry move!!!

Chest of Drawers.

Chest of draws, if they are good sturdy draws( don’t wobble) you can leave your clothes in them.

Plastic Bags.

AVOID THESE, they have resulted not only in extra time for the move but also embarrassment as they can and do break.

Let us move you to your new life.

At Port Mandurah Removals, we think that moving day should be a celebration.

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