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Home moving is a stressful experience that takes a lot of time and efort. Lucky for you, Port Mandurah Removals specialises in delivering quality furtniture removals. We provide the simple and affordable service people need when they relocate their home.

A few clicks are all it takes to get the extra help you need with a move of any size – small house removals or big ones. Whether you’re home moving in or out of a two-story house in the suburbs or a modest inner-city apartment, you’ll be covered.

House Removals for Any Size of Property

We’ve been able to do small house removals and big ones because each and every expert has been handpicked from amongst the most dedicated local technicians, and each has been stringently reference-checked to make sure that they’re the very best at what they do. When you book with us, you get a service that gives you:

Move your home at affordable rates

Not only our prices are competitive to the market, but we offer a variety of deals that will get you even greater value for your money.

Reliable service you can count on

The domestic removals team will be precisely on time to guarantee you move your home exactly when you booked it for.

Secured and insured house removal service

Every box and furniture are tightly secured in our vans to avoid any risk.

Convenient appointment times

Choose from early morning, late evening and weekend appointments. We deliver overnight home removals as well.

Variety of vehicle types and sizes

We’ve got a whole fleet of well maintained modern vehicles ready to place at your disposal.

Packing and domestic removal

We’ve got a number of special services to assist you if you need something a little different too. 

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Moving tips & advice

We are looking to help keep our bill down these days and moving day is no exception, here are some simple things that can make your day easier and CHEAPER for you.

No Kids, Cats or Dogs on Move Day!

They are small, and we are big! and concentrating on moving you, we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Packing Boxes.

Ensure all your packing boxes are taped closed and try to get them to be all the same shape so they can be stacked easily this also allows more to fit in the removal truck.

Garden Tools.

Garden tool bundle them together in lots of 4 or 5 tape them, so they can be uplifted easily.

Let us move you to your new life.

At Port Mandurah Removals, we think that moving day should be a celebration.

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