Office Removals

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Our office relocation can include storage if your new location is still under construction. This is sometimes the case, especially in the property sales on-site offices we move.

Gyms, Libraries, Factory Units … You name it … we’ve moved it. Trust your next BIG move to the experts with over 20 years experience in getting you back in business … FAST!

Office Relocations require careful planning and execution and you will not be disappointed with our efficient and personal service. 

Moving tips & advice

We are looking to help keep our bill down these days and moving day is no exception, here are some simple things that can make your day easier and CHEAPER for you.

No Kids, Cats or Dogs on Move Day!

They are small, and we are big! and concentrating on moving you, we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Packing Boxes.

Ensure all your packing boxes are taped closed and try to get them to be all the same shape so they can be stacked easily this also allows more to fit in the removal truck.

Garden Tools.

Garden tool bundle them together in lots of 4 or 5 tape them, so they can be uplifted easily.

Let us move you to your new life.

At Port Mandurah Removals, we think that moving day should be a celebration.

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